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Father / Baby

Support for Fathers

Dad. The forgotten parent. Often you find agencies and organisations focus on supporting new mums, and this is really important, but what about the dad? There isn’t a handbook to becoming a father. As you watch your partner’s belly grow or you hold her hand during fertility treatments, it may feel as if people have forgotten that your life is changing too. And, when that child finally arrives, nothing will prepare you for the life you now lead.

What are you expected to do when it’s 3am and your partner won’t get up to help look after your little one, despite the fact she’s not going to work – like you are – in a few hours? How do you cope with stressors at work and the pressure that may come with feeling you have to provide for the entire family now? What happens when your boss asks you to travel interstate for an extended period and you know this will negatively impact your family situation? What do you say to your partner when she asks you not to see your friends at your weekly Friday night drinks and come home and relieve her instead? What happens when your non-parent friends start to distance themselves? Or, when you realise that spontaneous sex is a thing of the past?

What about you?

Fatherhood can be the most joyous and rewarding experience. But it can also be a huge adjustment. You’ll experience mood swings, relationship breakdowns and pressure you couldn’t have been prepared for. Not to mention the lack of sleep.

What now?

At VCPS, we can help you decide what the future looks like and deliver you the coping skills to help navigate this new chapter. There are no rules, but there are ways to help you manage your new life, your relationship and your own thought patterns to ensure you thrive – and enjoy life –as a new dad.

The following practitioners at VCPS provide treatment for those looking for support in becoming a new dad

Nikki Zerman – Clinical & Counselling Psychologist

Dr Philip Walsh - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Cherine Habib - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Olga Szymańska - Clinical Psychologist

If you are wanting help with being a dad, click here or phone (03) 9419 7172 to make an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners. We’ll help you get the building blocks to becoming the best dad you can be.