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Group Programs

Group programs offered by The Nurture Mind

VCPS has recently partnered with The Nurtured Mind to offer mindfulness based relaxation techniques to mothers in a small group setting.

The following is some useful information for prospective participants to consider:

The worlds toughest job just got easier...

The Nurtured Mind is committed to helping mothers find the calm and inner resilience needed for them to enjoy a positive parenting experience.

Your overall sense of happiness as a mother undoubtedly affects your children's happiness and development. Taking some well deserved time-out to look after yourself is paramount to raising healthy, well adjusted children.

At The Nurtured Mind our mindfulness meditation classes have been lovingly created by mothers for mothers.

Our classes aim to:

* Release your mind from stress, anxiety and guilt.

* Help you find peace of mind and confidence.

* Enable mothers to create stronger, connected relationships with their children.

* Encourage like-minded women to share the parenting journey.

Who we are:

At The Nurtured Mind we have a genuine interest in caring for mothers. It is our wholehearted belief that children are precious beyond measure, that's why we nurture their mothers. Frequently mother's are encouraged to take time out to rest and replenish their reserves. For many mums, this may equate to getting a massage or a lovely facial. Sometimes it's enough to just get into bed and sleep for a few hours while someone else cares for our children. We believe that our mindfulness meditation and restorative yoga sessions can be a valuable resource for new mums. Our classes offer a safe sanctuary where you are invited to relax completely, leaving with the peace of mind that you have invested in a practice that harmonises ones mind, body and spirit.

The benefits of being a mindful mother:

The flow on effects of being a more mindful parent are incredibly positive. By allowing ourselves time to unify our present moment awareness with our body sensations, feelings and overall perceptions of the world around us, we become more in tune with reality. A simple example of this could be a mother who worries a lot about her child's behaviour, finally turning inward to realise that it is in fact her own stiff neck causing her dark mood and not her toddler’s spectacular tantrum in the supermarket earlier that day. While this may seem obvious on reflection, it may not be so obvious for the exhausted mother who is constantly changing nappies, feeding, rushing to get her children to school (and countless other activities) on time, lifting her baby in and out of the car and/or pram ... and so on!

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

* Mindfulness is about the observation of our thoughts and feelings without criticism.

* The practice encourages participants to be compassionate with themselves.

* Mindfulness allows us to identify negative thought patterns before they can send us into a downward spiral.

* Memory improves, creativity increases and reaction times become faster.

* Scientific studies have shown that regular mediators’ see their doctors less often and spend fewer days in hospital.

* Over time, mindfulness brings about long-term changes in mood and levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Why do we do what we do at The Nurture Mind:

Experts in the area of child health outcomes are united in their opinion that when a child is loved and cared for adequately by its mother, secure attachment occurs quite naturally. The emotional connections, established in the first few years and strengthened over childhood and adolescence, will help your child become a happy, productive adult. And you'll be a much happier parent as well.

Being mothers of young children, we realise it's not uncommon for mums to feel overwhelmed as they adjust to the myriad of changes that occur when you become a mother. As we adapt to the relentless responsibility, shifts in perception of our identity, and the exhaustion that can result from functioning on little sleep we can be left feeling depleted, lost and alone. This fragile state leads to many mothers to worry about how they will ever have the energy to build a strong bond with their child. Mothers can be left fearing everything from their children's future, their personal safety, their overall long term health... and back again. At The Nurtured Mind we strongly believe that this relentless worrying is not something that is woven into maternal DNA!

Our facilitator:

Golnar Luzza is the founder of The Nurtured Mind. She is mother to two young daughters aged 18 months and 3 years old.

Golnar has practised yoga and meditation for over a decade, and she has studied Naturopathy and massage therapy providing her with sound knowledge of holistic and preventative measures one can take to lead a healthier, happier life.

From discovering the magic of her first sun salutation, her yogic journey has evolved beyond the physical practice of asana. Golnar has extensively travelled through Asia, The Middle East and Europe exploring meditation practices from Buddhist, Taoist and Zoroastrian traditions.

Whilst Golnar practiced yoga and meditation frequently before becoming a mother, it is the immense, tangible benefits regular practice has had on her relationship with her young family that encouraged her to invite other mothers to join her on the journey of becoming increasing self aware.

Golnar's teaching style is relaxed, kind and gentle. Her teaching embodies awakening your own authentic spiritual practice through the exploration of the stillness within.

Our small group classes run from our East Melbourne sanctuary for the duration of 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting Golnar directly via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via phone 0424 624 842.

Class Descriptions:

Recharge: A compact 30 minute guided meditation session that is beautifully simple yet still contains all the essential components that can lead to a lovely little mental vacation allowing participants to feel centred and back in charge. This class is suitable for those who have never meditated before or those who have just started getting their zen on. Class limited to 5 participants. Cost $20

Refuel: This 60 minute class is for those who want a little more 'get up and go.' Our facilitator begins by guiding you through some easy relaxation practices that will increase your energy levels in just a few minutes. Then you are invited to get back in touch with your creative imagination using some fun yet thought provoking visualisation exercises. After this it is time for a deeper relaxation experience as you go on a deeper journey in understanding how your mind works. This practice is done lying on our soft, 10mm thick yoga matts, pillows, crisp white sheets, cosy dona and an eye mask to aid maximum comfort. This session is suitable for beginner and experienced meditators. Class limited to 3 participants. Cost: $35

Bliss: The title says it all really. Our premium 90 minute class is for those wanting the mini retreat experience. This session begins with some very gentle, non ambitious stretches to engage the mind-body connection. Our facilitator will then lead you into the realm of relaxation using well researched scientific breathing techniques. Seated in stillness you will come to learn that a profound sense of peace is always residing in you - you just need to tap into it. Then our facilitator will invite you to enjoy some organic herbal tea whilst you partake in a mindfulness exercises that makes everyone's face light up with joy: The Chocolate Meditation. \Finally it is time to retreat to the comfort of your 10mm yoga matt. Here you will find your own take home socks to slip on, deluxe hand cream to apply, as well as pillows, crisp white sheets, fluffy donas and a swiss cotton eye pillow. All you need to do is to make yourself as comfortable as possible and take in the facilitator's words floating around you. Class limited to 3 participants. Cost $55


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