Dr Prash Puspanathan

MBBS (Hons), M.Psych, FRANZCP
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  • East Melbourne
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Initial consultation:

$465 (50minutes) Item number: 296 and Medicare Rebate: $247.25

Standard consultations:

$310 (30mins) Item number: 304 and Medicare Rebate: $126.40

$415 (45mins) Item number: 306 and Medicare Rebate: $174.45

One-off assessment

$855 (60mins) Item number: 291 and Medicare Rebate: $429.85

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  • Non attended session fees
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Diagnostic Assessments and Report:

Fees vary, if you require an assessment of this nature, I ask you to first make an initial appointment to see me and we will discuss your requirements in this consultation.

Non attended session fees:

I require 2 full working days (Monday-Friday only) notice should you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. You must do this by telephone.

– If you give us 2 or more business days’ notice: no fee

– Less than 2 business days’ notice: the full consultation fee will be charged

Out of courtesy to our professional relationship, I request that you provide at least 7 days notice to cancel an appointment as I have limited appointments available.

  • Tuesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Hello, my name is Dr Prash P

I work with high-functioning adults who feel that their psychological difficulties are impacting their ability to reach their full potential. This may present as depressive symptoms, anxiety or substance use issues or may be more subtle and noticed only as a consistent sense of dread or lack of enjoyment in daily life.

I have previously worked in the corporate world as a Founder and CEO and fully understand both the pressures of the corporate ladder as well as the struggles of the entrepreneurial journey. This allows me to understand and relate to busy, overstretched and troubled professionals.

I have a particular interest in novel therapeutics and have co-developed a unique therapeutic framework, based on the principle of helping my clients build out a model of their mind in Virtual Reality. This allows them to visualise the complex workings of their mind by projecting their inner world onto an external 3-dimensional landscape, giving them access to otherwise inaccessible elements of their psyche.

Issues I can help with
Stress Management & Relaxation
Drug & Alcohol
Critical Incident Debriefing
Leadership & Management
Smoking Cessation
Social Anxiety
Work Performance
Adjustment Difficulties
Behaviour Management
Depression & Mood
Health & Lifestyle
Life Transition