VCPS provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at our East Melbourne practice. 

What is TMS?

TMS is an effective alternative treatment for major depression and other psychiatric conditions. A figure-8 shaped coil is positioned on surface area to target brain regions that have low activation in people with depression. Studies have shown TMS treatment can increase activation in these regions. During treatment, the patient is awake and reclined in a comfortable chair. TMS treatment is administered daily, Monday-Friday over four to seven weeks. Each treatment session takes less than 45 minutes and patients rarely require any down time afterward.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists has noted that TMS is a useful treatment for treatment resistant depression.

Funding Assistance for TMS treatment

Since the 1st of November 2021, TMS therapy has been listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Patients are now able to receive Medicare subsidised rebates for TMS services if they have previously not responded to anti-depressants.

TMS treatments can also be funded by the DVA, WorkCover and the TAC.

Some private health funds also cover the cost of outpatient TMS treatments.


For bookings and more information please contact our administration team on:

Phone: (03) 9419 7172

Email: reception@vcps.com.au

The TMS Treatment Team at VCPS

Prof. David Barton and Dr. Peter Farnbach, highly experienced psychiatrists in the field of neurostimulation, oversee the treatment service at VCPS.

A team of experienced Provisional Psychologists and nurses administer the onsite treatments at East Melbourne.

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