Our psychologists provide workplace wellness and support solutions, including targeted reach-out services to your employees to help them during this challenging period.

The following information is about the telephone and video conferencing solutions offered by VCPS psychologists to organisations to support the wellness of employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

We understand that both leaders and employees are under a great deal of stress during these times, and in many cases, leaders are feeling uncertain about the right steps to take to support their employees through health, employment, and economic adjustments. With the sudden changes to the working environment, many organisations have found themselves unprepared to manage the resultant emotional pressure placed on their staff. We have a program where we reach out by phone and video conference connect regularly with your staff to support them through these challenging times.

A focus on the health and wellbeing of employees should be a fundamental element of business continuity response. When health and wellbeing are prioritised by organisations, employees are empowered to respond to new stressors and adjust to continually evolving circumstances.

How can we help?

VCPS offers extensive emotional and mental health support, all delivered by experienced psychologists via video conferencing and telephone. The following services may be of interest:

  • ¬†Targeted and proactive reach out services, by our psychologists, to your managers and/or employees (at bi-weekly, weekly or fortnightly intervals)
  • Counselling and assistance for stress, anxiety and dealing with change and uncertainty, for those who require more intensive support
  • Medicare rebatable psychological support via video or telephone
  • Up-skilling and training for senior staff to identify mental health risks
  • Career and performance management enhancement
  • Skills training for senior staff to manage workplace consequences of redundancy, dismissal and change
  • Executive coaching and management support
  • Facilitation of staff wellbeing sessions via group video conferencing

Programs and services can be tailored specifically for each organisation, and we can respond to needs quickly no matter the size of organisation.

We also provide individual counselling services should you personally wish to take advantage of Medicare rebatable psychological support via video or telephone.

To learn more about our services or to get started, please contact VCPS via email at intake@vcps.com.au or by phone on (03) 9419 7172.

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