Our Provisional Psychologists

What is a Provisional Psychologist? A Psychologist with Provisional Registration is a practitioner who has completed their tertiary qualifications and is eligible to undertake a program of supervision as they develop their applied skills “on the job”. After this one year of supervised practice, they are eligible to apply for their General Psychologist registration. All […]

Virtual Reality Therapy (VR)

VCPS is excited to be launching our Virtual Reality services to clients from October 2023. What is VR? VR is a successful mental health treatment for many conditions including phobias, PTSD, substance related issues, eating disorders and psychoses, and there is an increasing focus on the evidence base for VR treatments for autism, ADHD and […]

Executive Coaching +

Psychologists as Coaches Executive Coaching + is more than a typical coaching program: our coaching addresses the ‘whole person’ in their business environment and includes a personal development component (examining your individual past experiences, upbringing, behaviours, career choices, etc.) and the interlinked workplace and business challenges. Our program incorporates a multi-dimensional/wholistic approach, and we combine coaching, […]


Our society demands a lot of children. Their lives are constantly changing, and we expect them to adapt to these changes without complaint. In addition, the significant mental and physical development in childhood can come with its own challenges, as children gain greater understanding of their external world and their role in it. Childhood is […]

Consulting Rooms For Practitioners

Eastbourne Professional Suites is an established allied and natural health practice on Wellington Parade. We have a very well-regarded and established private practitioner base. We provide beautiful furnished consulting rooms in the well-located suburb of East Melbourne. Our practice provides networking and professional development opportunities, and our common facilities include spacious client waiting lounges, kitchen […]


At VCPS, our psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and general practitioners specialise in mental health and provide caring, confidential and professional assistance to couples. Relationship difficulties can take a profound toll on our happiness, interfering with our ability to reach our potential and enjoy life to its fullest. Sometimes individuals express that they have ‘fallen out of […]


Our families make up an important part of who we are. They can be a main source of support, friendship, love and connection – all of which are crucial when experiencing a difficult period in life. However, as we move throughout different stages of our lives, it is not uncommon for our views to clash […]


From time to time, obstacles arise that prevent us from becoming the individual, partner, parent or friend that we strive to be. The practitioners at VCPS are here to help you manage these obstacles. We are committed to assisting you to know your goals and will work with you to identify the pathways to assist […]


Our practitioners at VCPS appreciate the diversity within the community, and are passionate in supporting the needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples and their families. At VCPS we understand that concerns and obstacles related to gender or sexuality can be distressing – not only for individuals, but their family and those that support them as well. […]


Work is a great source of stress for many. Research shows that stress and anxiety hamper productivity and performance. This is just another reason why it is important to have appropriate support systems in place. VCPS works closely with organisations to build tailored support solutions for their employees. For more information regarding VCPS Corporate Wellness […]

Remote Communities

VCPS is an integrated mental health practice partnering with relevant organisations to introduce an innovative telepsychology program designed to increase access to mental health services and enhance mental health promotion in rural and regional areas of Australia. VCPS has established a collaborative approach to deliver a telepsychology based service model which: Leads to increased access […]


VCPS work closely with schools and organisations to build tailored support solutions for their students and employees. We provide comprehensive assessment, reporting and training services to schools across Australia. Our services include: Staff, student and parent satisfaction surveys and school well-being reviews Professional development and training programs School employee assistance programs Mentoring and coaching for […]

Specialised Services

VCPS strongly believes that taking care of your mental health is important to living a healthy, happy life. No matter who you are, what you do, and where you are currently at in life, it is crucial to take care of yourself by identifying when professional support may be beneficial and making the choice to […]


Therapy can assist teenagers with a range of issues, including neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety, depression, eating disorders/body image concerns, or simply the difficulties in adjusting to the changes common to teenage life. We have psychologists at VCPS experienced working with teenagers with all types of presentations and are leading […]

ADHD Group Therapy Program

The VCPS ADHD group therapy program offers clients a chance to learn how to manage their ADHD more successfully and share with other group members in a supportive and safe environment. Best practice treatment guidelines for ADHD recommend a multimodal approach, including both therapy and medication. The VCPS ADHD Group Therapy program has been developed based […]

TMS East Melbourne

VCPS provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at our East Melbourne practice.  What is TMS? TMS is an effective alternative treatment for major depression and other psychiatric conditions. A figure-8 shaped coil is positioned on surface area to target brain regions that have low activation in people with depression. Studies have shown TMS treatment can increase […]