VCPS has a highly qualified team of mental health professionals experienced in working with organisations to improve functioning and overall wellbeing. We are an experienced provider of employee mental health solutions for a range of organisations and can offer you a tailored solution with the unique circumstances of your team in mind. Whether it be via a staff counselling service, an employee wellbeing survey and implementation, or a debriefing session for employees, VCPS can work with you to improve the mental health outcomes of your team.

If you are looking to improve the mental health of your organisation an important first step is to often administer a staff wellbeing survey. Employee mental health surveys can help you to understand the baseline mental health of your organisation, and can inform any potential initiatives that may be needed to improve employee mental health.

Once the wellbeing survey is complete, VCPS can assist in helping you interpreting the results of the survey, and devising an action plan to address any areas of concern. VCPS offers a range of evidence based programs to improve the mental health of your organization. Some of these interventions we offer include:


    Group Supervision

    In group supervision programs we bring together groups of employees with similar roles to create a safe environment for sharing concerns, and providing skills and techniques for improving mental health. Supervision is a process that has empirically been shown to support people to effectively manage their work and wellbeing. By creating some “space” reflection can occur and often lead to insight, clarity, self-awareness, focus, confidence and in groups, interconnectedness. All groups are led by a fully licensed psychologist experienced in group dynamics

    Employee Assistance Programs

    An employee assistance program is a confidential staff counselling service employers provide for their staff. This is an independent and confidential counselling service provided by highly skilled psychologists that can assist staff with personal and/or work-related issues.  It is based on a solution focused brief (6 session) intervention model. Regular reporting is provided to your organisation on program utilisation, and any patterns or concerns in employee mental health. In addition to counselling, an employee assistance agreement also allows your organisation to access critical incident debriefing sessions delivered by a trained psychologist experienced in responding to traumatic events. Once a critical incident is logged, a VCPS psychologist will be on-site within 48 hours to provide debriefing and deliver psychological first age.


    When there is a serious dispute between staff members, mediation can be a useful step in restoring trust and opening channels of communication. VCPS psychologists are trained in mediation for highly charged situations, and will work to bring staff members together in a safe and respectful manner, and come to a conclusion that is suitable for both parties. Mediation typically concludes with a debriefing session where a plan is put in place for management going forward.


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